Project: Gasoline Station and Convenience Store Remediation and Construction

Location: Morris County, NJ
Soil volume: ~15,000 tons


  • Evaluated the existing waste classification data and determined that there were three categories for disposal purposes, including reuse of soils meeting PA Regulated Fill limits, recycling of soils exceeding PA Regulated Fill limits, and offsite transportation & disposal of hazardous lead (D008) contaminated soil

  • Provided guidance to the LSRP in delineating the categories for segregation purposes so that three separate disposal facilities could be targeted.

  • Coordinated the profiling process, and obtained facility approvals and State approval.

  • Managed project scheduling, logistics, and manifesting of up to 50 loads per day.

  • Cost minimization was achieved by targeting the three most cost effective facility options, given the site-specific factors.