Project: Expo Center Construction

Location: Harrisburg, PA
Soil volume: ~10,000 tons


  • Evaluated the existing waste classification data and determined that all historic fill soils had met the PA Regulated Fill limits, however the soil had also contained non-masonry debris which is considered off-spec at nearly all of the reuse facilities in PA.

  • Communicated with a number of facilities, and ultimately succeeded in negotiating a special arrangement with one particular facility that had agreed to accept the material as-is without prior onsite screening.

  • Coordinated the profiling process, and obtained facility approval and State approval for low cost reuse in Pennsylvania.

  • Managed project scheduling, logistics, and manifesting of up to 60 loads per day.

  • This strategy had enabled the client to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that was initially budgeted for landfill disposal of contaminated soil co-mingled with debris.