Project: Construction of an Assisted Living Facility

Location: Passaic, NJ
Soil volume: ~16,000 tons


  • Evaluated the existing waste classification data and determined that there was a mix of categories, including historic fill soils meeting the PA Regulated Fill limits, as well as a section of the property that contained lower levels of contaminants meeting the NJ Residential limits (nonregulated in the State of New Jersey).

  • Provided guidance to the LSRP in delineating the two categories for purposes of segregation so that two separate disposal facilities could be targeted.

  • Coordinated the profiling process, and obtained facility approval and State approval for reuse of Regulated Fill soils in Pennsylvania, as well as approval of the NJ Residential soils at a nearby reuse facility

  • Managed project scheduling, logistics, and manifesting of up to 50 loads per day.

  • Cost minimization was achieved by targeting the two most cost effective facility options, given the site-specific factors.