Project: Construction of a
New Community Center

Location: Morris, NJ
Soil volume: ~29,000 tons


  • Provided guidance to the LSRP to accomplish sampling and analysis for a specific, combined waste class protocol sufficient for approval at multiple disposal facilities.
  • Evaluated the waste classification data and determined that there was a mix of categories, including soils meeting PA Regulated Fill limits, as well as a section of the property that contained PCB’s in excess of those limits.

  • Delineated the two soil categories and provided guidance to the field crew to conduct segregation of the elevated PCB sections.

  • Coordinated the profiling process, and obtained facility approval and State approval for reuse of the PA Regulated soils in Pennsylvania, as well as approval of the Non-TSCA PCB soil for reuse as daily cover at a Sub-title D permitted landfill.

  • Managed the project scheduling, logistics and truck manifesting of up to 40 loads per day.

  • This strategy of targeting more than one disposal facility had allowed for minimization of transportation & disposal costs, resulting in substantial savings for the client.