Project: Construction of a Diagnostic Testing Facility

Location: Bergen, NJ
Soil volume: ~28,000 tons


  • Evaluated existing waste classification data, and determined that the subject soils had exceeded the RCRA limits for TCLP-Lead, causing the soil to carry a D008 RCRA waste code determination. No UHC’s (Underlying Hazardous Constituents) were detected.

  • Arranged for onsite treatment of hazardous lead contaminated soil as a cost saving alternative to offsite transportation & disposal (T&D) at a Sub-title C (RCRA Hazardous) permitted facility

  • Soils were successfully treated below the target levels, using a proprietary reagent, effectively de-listing the formerly hazardous lead contaminated soil, reclassifying it as non-hazardous.

  • Arranged for the subsequent sampling and analysis of the treated soil for waste classification, and coordinated the document completion for disposal approval at a Sub-title D permitted landfill as a non-hazardous material.

  • Managed the project scheduling, logistics and truck manifesting, through completion.

  • This strategy had enabled the client to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that was initially budgeted for offsite T&D of hazardous lead contaminated soil.