Soils generated at dry cleaner properties may contain the cleaning solvent, Perchloroethylene, aka Tetrachloroethylene, Perc, or PCE. These soils are classified as listed hazardous when the following two conditions are met: 1) there is a known or documented source of release of PCE, and, 2) PCE has been detected in any concentration, via Totals (dry weight) analysis.

Soils are classified as characteristically hazardous when PCE is detected at concentrations greater than or equal to 0.7 mg/L via TCLP (leachate) analysis.

Dry cleaner contaminated soils can also carry a combination RCRA waste code, such as F002/D039 when classified as both listed hazardous as well as characteristically hazardous.

Such soils are classified as non-hazardous when there is no KNOWN source of a PCE release or spill, and also no TCLP-PCE detections greater than or equal to 0.7 mg/L.